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Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgery Doctor in Ahmedabad

Dr. Tejas Gandhi is orthopedic specialist for Joint Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. One of the most complicated joints in the body part is the knee. It is composed of the femur’s distal end (femoral condyles) and the tibia’s proximal end (tibial plateau). The femoral condyles move easily along the tibial level, making lower leg movements painless and even.

Osteoarthritis is the quite possibly the most generally happening illnesses that harm the knee so much that medical procedure is needed to supplant the joint. Osteoarthritis is the quite possibly the most occurring diseases that damage the knee part of body so much that required knee joint replacement surgery. This type of arthritis causes the knee bones and ligament to wear away, leaving rough and uneven joint surfaces that result in pain and inflammation during movement.

What can cause knee pain without injury?

Knee pain would rank the highest, among reasons as to why a person would visit a doctor. Before we attempt to seek a cure for knee pain, let us try and find out what causes it. To do that with any degree of success, we must first understand the structure of the knee. The very structure of the knee exposes it to constant danger of injury. It is not the simple hinge, or ball and socket structure that bends and straightens. The movement of the knee does not involve mere flexing and extending, it involves twisting and rotation, creating the need for a complex structure of bones, ligaments, tendons cartilage and fluid sacs.

Unreasonable use or maltreatment of the knee joint, inaccurate situating during movement, inadequate warm up or cool down activity prior to and after exercise, and inadequate stretching are some of the physical causes of knee pain.

Knee pain suffering from these simple reasons may resolve on its own through rest and careful self-sustaining. However, excess weight or stoutness can expand the risk of cause painful problems of the knee.

Types of knee Surgeries

  • Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Osteotomy Knee Surgery
  • Revision TKR Surgery

What is the best exercise after knee replacement?

It is prescribed to take the painkillers around 30 minutes before attempting to walk, or after moving position, Ankle pumps, knee straightening exercises, straight leg-up and cycling. Intravenous feeding tubes will provide you with hydration and nourishment until you are able to start oral liquid admission.