What is the cost of knee replacement in Ahmedabad?
There is average knee replacement surgery cost ranges from ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2.3 lakh, according to a placed cap on knee implant cost.
What is the recovery time for knee replacement surgery?
The patient starts walking on the same day as the surgery. The post-op period is painless & exercises can be done very easily. The patient can go to the toilet & climb stairs
What is the cost of hip replacement surgery in Ahmedabad?
At Arihant Orthopedic Hospital the cost varies from 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakh for hip replacement surgery in Ahmedabad.
How much time do i need to stay in the hospital ?
About 4 – 5 days for 1 knee & around 6-7 days for both knees
When will my stitches be removed ?
Normally stitches are removed after 15 days of the surgery.
Is blood transfusion required ?
Because of the minimally invasive surgery which involves bare minimum tissue cutting now days we don t need blood transfusion.
What if I have heavy diabetes or blood pressure?
With modern medicines and good physician it doesn’t t really matter, it can be kept under good control & doesn’t t affect the outcome. Although after surgery some fluctuations in readings are normal
When can I resume my daily activities e.g.: climbing stairs, going to work, driving, walking etc.?
Sedentary work can be started after the patient is discharged from the hospital. Patient can drive a car after 3-4 weeks of the surgery.
When can I take a shower after the operation?
You can take a bath two days after the surgery without wetting the operated area. The operated area can be washed after 2 days of suture removal
Can a second replacement be done?
If due to some unforeseen circumstances the joint does get loosened the surgery can be done again , although different kind of implants are required in such cases.
What activities should I avoid?
Jumping, jogging, running & playing contact sports.Siiting on the floor & squatting is to be discouraged. Some postures in yogasana are allowed after the surgery. High energy contact sports like football and tennis etc. should be avoided
What will be my range of motion after physiotherapy?
The range of motion depends on many factors the primary being the quality of muscles & the pre op range of motion. Other factors include surgeon s skills & experience, & the type of implant used. There is considerable improvement in the range of motion after surgery but if a patient does not have or have limited movement in the knee before the surgery can t expect to have full movement after surgery.
When should I have a knee replacement surgery?
If the pain & disability affects your day to day living and pain killers are required frequently then you should consider getting a knee replacement surgery.
What precautions do I have to take?
You should avoid sitting on the floor regularly. Although in an emergency it is allowed
Will my activities be limited after the surgery?
You can walk & stand as much as you like. You can climb stairs; drive a car or a bicycle.