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Best 5 arthroscopy surgeon, doctor hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Top Arthroscopy Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

There are many orthopedic hospitals in Ahmedabad. But Arihant Orthopedic Hospital is additionally among the top arthroscopy hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dr Tejas Gandhi is a specialist arthroscopist surgeon for shoulder arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy and ankle arthroscopy surgeries by using the latest advanced technology at very reasonable price and in friendly and comfortable environments.

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy meaning - the examination of the problem inside a knee joint or affected body area, using a special arthroscopy instruments inserted through a small incision.

Is arthroscopic surgery a major surgery?

No, Arthroscopic knee surgery is not a major surgery. The arthroscopy is slender incisions in the affected area which are usually less than one centimeter in length.

Small and Tiny instruments that are capable of cutting or saving material from within the joint may be inserted through other small incisions, if necessary. A tiny camera mounted within the arthroscopy transmits the images of the joint interior to a television monitor which helps the doctors to treat the joint. Arthroscopy surgeon in Ahmedabad helps diagnose problems in the knee, hip and shoulder, including arthritis.

What to expect after arthroscopic knee surgery?

Knee arthroscopy is surgical procedure under general, regional, or local anesthesia. After adequate anesthesia, your orthopedic surgeon will create 'portals' to gain access to the knee joint. The portals are generally placed in specific locations to minimize the potential for injury to surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and tendons. Through one portal, a camera is placed into the joint, and through others, small instruments can be used to treat the patient. Patients who have arthroscopic knee surgery under a regional or local anesthesia can often choose to watch their surgery on a monitor to see what is causing their knee problem.

The length of the knee arthroscopy procedure varies depending on what your doctor needs to accomplish and how deep is the problem. After surgery, your knee will be covered in a soft bandage. Depending on the type of surgery performed, your doctor may or may not allow you to place weight on the affected leg for few days. Most patients will work with a physical therapist recover fast and to regain motion and strength of the joint. The length of rehabilitation will also vary depending on what procedure is performed at the time of surgery and how much damage was done to the joint before surgery.

Can you walk right after arthroscopic knee surgery?

Many different surgical procedures that are commonly performed arthroscopically were once performed through the larger incisions which were very painful. The advantage of arthroscopy is now the Arthroscopy Surgeon is able to perform those surgical procedures without damaging normal structures around the joint. By being less invasive, the only hope is - there will be less pain and a faster recovery of knees. Fast recovery doesn’t mean that you can walk right after the surgery. It means that you will be able to walk within few weeks of the surgery.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad

The cost of Arthroscopic knee surgery is Rs.91000. As the Arthroscopy Price is high, people with credit health users can avail it at Rs. 68000 only. However, arthroscopic surgery is still a surgical procedure which includes risks, and requires appropriate postoperative recovery. It is important that you understand the nature of any surgical procedure being considered, the risks involved, and the postoperative recovery that will be necessary to achieve a desired and successful result.

Knee Arthroscopy Doctor in Ahmedabad

Recovery from arthroscopic surgery can vary by the type of procedure used by an Arthroscopy Doctor. Generally pain and inflammation are treated with R.I.C.E. (rest, ice application, compression, and elevation of the joint).

Less complicated surgeries may only require over-the-counter Tylenol (acetaminophen) to alleviate pain. More complicated procedures or those involving larger joints problems may require a short course of prescription opioid painkillers for few days.

In addition to pain management, consistent wound care is needed to avoid any kind of infection and wound dehiscence (an opening of the incision). This requires the daily changing of the dressing, during which you should check for signs of infection or dehiscence.

Knee Arthroscopy Complications

Arthroscopic surgery is generally considered safe surgery with relatively few complications. Arthroscopy is an indirect way of visualizing joints, and there is a potential for tissue and nerve injury as instruments are placed and moved within the joint space.

Arthroscopic procedures end up with medical complications, ranging from mild nerve injury to frozen injury. Of these, 1% sometimes requires revision surgery. However, physician experience of an Arthroscopy Specialist plays a large part in the risk of such injuries.

Fastest Way Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery Time

One of the main benefits of arthroscopic surgery is that it limits damage to the soft-tissues surrounding the joint. Not only are bleeding, swelling, and inflammation minimized, but recovery with Arthroscopy of Shoulder, Ankle, Knee or General tends to be shorter than with open surgery.

Once the joint no longer requires immobilization, range-of-motion and strengthening exercises can usually begin to restore flexibility and strength in the joint to make it strong. It often helps to work with a physical therapist that can provide in-office therapies and design an exercise and rehabilitation program you can perform at home without any help.

You should also ensure regular follow-up visits with an Arthroscopy doctor by searching “Arthroscopy doctor near me” to monitor for any new or unexpected complications and ensure that your condition is improving as expected.

Knee Arthroscopy Recovery Exercises

Even though you can usually return to normal activity faster with arthroscopic surgery, it can sometimes take many months before you are fully recovered and symptom-free. During this time, there are limitations to how much activity you should do or the type of exercises you can do. All the exercises are performed under supervision of your Arthroscopy surgeon and not any “Arthroscopy surgeon near me”

In the end, arthroscopy is traumatic to the body and can cause increased pain, stiffness, and risk of re-injury if not treated properly. Whether it is Right Knee Arthroscopy or Left Knee Arthroscopy, pain goes away gradually.

If knee still hurts after Arthroscopy, then it is better to consult another Arthroscopy surgeon. Gradually increasing your activity levels can help to ensure these problems do not occur.

Hip Arthroscopy Surgery Hospital in Ahmedabad

Arthroscopic hip surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure that is often performed under general anesthesia given by an anesthetic. Your arthroscopy surgeon places a small television camera with an attached light source into the hip joint, and through a separate small incision can place instruments to address hip labral tears.

Surgeon then follows the Standard treatments to address a hip labral tear is either to repair, trim out the torn portion, or in some cases reconstruct the labrum. The decision of how to address the tear usually depends on factors including the tear type and location and its severity.

Hip Arthroscopy Recovery Time

Symptoms often improve immediately following the procedure, but recurrence of some pain can occur as the irritated joint lining heals, and temporary tenderness in the hip and knee from the traction may occur to the patient.

You may also feel a sensation of water in the hip or hear gurgling noises resulting from the fluid used during surgery, but this will quickly be absorbed by the body and within few days it won’t cause any problem. Swelling in the affected area should subside within about a week and any sutures will typically be removed in seven to ten days. Your full recovery time may vary, depending on the specific treatment performed during your procedure and the amount of damage caused in the hip. After the recover you will be able to do all the activities.

Can you sit after hip arthroscopy?

Yes, you can sit after Hip arthroscopy. Hip arthroscopy patients must usually use crutches for one or two weeks after surgery and do six weeks of physical therapy. It may be three to six months before they experience no pain after physical activity.

How do you sleep after hip arthroscopy?

All the instructions will be given by the surgeon who has conducted your operation or the physical therapist. You don’t need to search for “Hip Arthroscopy Specialists near Me” Because there is only one Arthroscopy specialist and that is “Dr. Tejas Gandhi”.