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Story Of A Happy Patient

Every pain is different and so is its treatment. But one thing we all have in common is the desire to be healthy and to keep moving. The body is supposed to move – our joints help us to make that movement. Joints pain pause our life. Due to arthritis or injury people need joint replacement. Joint replacement is not a easy decision to make. Whether it is knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder replacement. Joint replacement is a procedure where doctor surgically removes a damaged joint and replaces it with an artificial one. Joint replacements have certain risks. Thus every patient wants to be sure that the doctor who is going to operate has a good experience and expertise.

Some Patients are very lucky. They get doctors who prove to be like an angle for them. This video has a true story of a patient whose positive experience compelled him to express his gratitude to Dr. Tejas Gandhi. This is a case of a person name Thakur Saheb from Rajasthan (34). Thakur Saheb was a Carsevak in 1992. During that time he got badly injured in his hip. This injury was so severe that he was not able to walk till bathroom at his own home. He was dependent on a stick if he wanted to move from one place to another. He visited and consulted many doctors before taking his pain to Dr. Tejas Gandhi. In his regular visit to Sachivalay, he was recommended to consult Dr. Tejas Gandhi. In 2015, Dr. Tejas Gandhi was a serving doctor at Sterling Hospital. Thakur Saheb was operated by Tejas Gandhi at Sterling Hospital. Since then his life changed.

Thakur Saheb is now able to move from one place to another without a stick or support. Not only this when asked, he said he is able to lift heavy weight, climb stairs, drive vehicle till 300 KM, and walk 10 KM every day. He has experienced no side effects or no pain and no infection after the surgery. Thakur Saheb is today satisfied with his surgery to such an extent that he don’t even feel that he is been operated. This magic is created by Dr. Tejas Gandhi. Success story of Thakur Saheb has inspired many people who are suffering from joint pain to get operated and live a normal life like Thakur Saheb.

Post operation recovery is very long for certain patients. Some patients even take 2 to 3 months to recover from their surgery. But when asked to Thakur Saheb, he was able to walk on his legs without support in two weeks. Certain patients also feel that their legs are not of equal length after the surgery. But Thakur Saheb was able to walk smoothly with his legs after the surgery. Some patients are unfortunate enough to get infected after the surgery. But Thakur Saheb was able to work within few weeks of his surgery. Today most of the joint pain patients of Thakur Saheb’s village want to invite Dr. Tejas Gandhi to their village for treatment.